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Cloud Telephony

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Building a seamless conversation is Airhub Cloud Telephony solutions

IVR & Call Routing:

Self configured IVR system is so easy that it auto guides your callers to the correct team and driver. Airhub’s Rule based call routing system directs calls to the correct team and the caller.

Skill &Time based Routing

Airhub ensures that it adheres to your defined rules. Setting up skills and time and mapping them with agents for each team helps calls go to the right person at the right time.


Airhub allows you to quickly create and share contacts with teammates so Everyone knows what is happening by following the conversation. Features like warm transfer, call assignments to others help in bringing customer delight.


Connect Airhub with your CRM and help your agents to not get involved in unnecessary activities and focus only on customer satisfaction by delivering productivity and quality.


Keep real time tracking of all your KPIs (team wise agent wise) like AHT, CPH, wait time, missed call rate etc. Live tracking also helps team managers to Airhub resources accordingly and ensure productivity.

Call Queuing & Recording

Ensure your callers are in the queue in case of high volume until an agent is available to talk. Airhub’s recording feature helps to monitor, calibrate and conduct TNI for performance review.

Airhub is for every kind of business

Airhub is a smart Cloud Telephony solution which plays an essential role to measure the pulse of a company’s customer service efficiency. Our features make us stand out of the crowd. Make your customer’s journey a competitive edge with Airhub’s cloud call centre solution for smooth support and smart sales. You can set it up in seconds and enable your productivity.

Quick set up
Gain exposure
Boost efficiency
Join your tools
In-built Business Intelligence
After call work efficiency

Virtual meetings and conferencing

Cloud telephony services can provide virtual meeting and conferencing capabilities, allowing users to connect with others remotely.


Cloud telephony services are cloud-based, so there’s no need to maintain or upgrade on-premises equipment.


Cloud telephony services can be more cost-effective than traditional phone systems as users only pay for the services they use.