We are Airhub

Cloud Services

Airhub offers various private Cloud, physical co-location, and hybrid options.

Cloud Services

What we offer

Private Cloud, physical co-location and hybrid services.

Secure Data Centers

Each data centre has been built to withstand natural disasters and has been specifically designed to never go down.

Cloud-based migration

Our knowledge, advice, and support enable a successful Cloud migration with minimal business disruption.

Cloud-Based Data Centers

We manage our own private cloud data centres, so we can monitor and manage every aspect of your virtual infrastructure.

Data Centre Hosting

Cloud Hosting’s closeness to our locations facilitates rapid and secure connection between cloud-hosted apps and legacy public sector systems and datasets.

Continuity of Operations and Recovery Planning

Similar to phone insurance, business continuity, disaster recovery, and backup services are something that everyone pays for but hopes they never have to use.

Easy Access

Admin portals make administration and management straightforward, and high-quality connectivity guarantees users can access data securely from anywhere


Solution for Cloud Co-Location
There are several benefits to co-locating your firm, including cost savings of up to 50 percent, a greatly reduced carbon impact, and increased output from your employees.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions
With Airhub’s hybrid Cloud solutions, your company may maintain some of its systems in the Cloud and some of them on-premises, while still facilitating the sharing of data and applications between the two.

Running Cost
Business Continuity


Helps reduce cloud Infrastructure costs


Enables addition of big data/cloud computing capabilities


Helps increase agility and IT efficiency


Facilitates smooth migration of business workloads to cloud


Users can access their resources and data from anywhere with an internet connection.


Cloud providers typically have multiple data centers and use redundancy to ensure high availability.


Cloud providers often have strict security measures in place to protect user data.