You may rest assured that your communication system is functioning at peak efficiency

You may rest assured that your communication system is functioning at peak efficiency

You may rest assured that your communication system is functioning at peak efficiency 1000 425 admin@airhub

So, how can you increase your confidence that you are optimising your setup?

Since every office has its own unique configuration, the best phone system for you will rely on your specific needs and goals. The manner we’ve been working has also evolved considerably in the previous few years, which needs to be taken into account. In the past, a single office might get by with a digital phone system’s auto-attendant and call routing functions serving many departments, or all calls would come into a central reception area and then be distributed manually. However, as remote and part-time workers, as well as customer relationship management integration, become the norm in most businesses, it becomes increasingly challenging for the digital system to provide effective communication between employees and consumers.

The necessity to stay in regular contact with coworkers and clients around the globe has led to the rise of video conferencing as a result of COVID lockdown procedures.

Does your business’s phone system support the goals it has set for itself in terms of internal communication?

A feature-rich solution that can help your business grow and succeed.

Incorporating a Hosted system into your organisation will provide you with a whole new set of capabilities, including cutting-edge options that you, your employees, and—most importantly—your customers will love.

With innovations like number portability and virtual direct inward dialling (DDI), your phone number is no longer specific to a single exchange. This means you won’t have to pay to have your calls forwarded remotely, re-advertise your firm, or print new business cards if you take your handset with you if you move offices or even countries.

Provide your employees with straightforward portals for managing call routing, messaging, and call group membership, and you can be assured that no important calls will go unanswered and that your firm will not lose out on any potential sales.

Better call quality, fewer network issues, and easier calling techniques like click-to-dial are just the beginning of the benefits your business will reap by switching to a Hosted system with a comprehensive feature set. Hosted telephony enhances not only the productivity of your call centre agents, but also the quality of service your customers receive when they dial in.

Take advantage of remote and flexible work options.

It is essential that team members and clients are able to keep in constant contact when working remotely or while on the road. But how can you guarantee that your remote workers remain in constant contact with one another?

Your company can implement a wide variety of procedures, from software-based solutions like Microsoft Teams to the provision of hardware like business mobiles, which can be costly to provide for each remote worker. How about the advantages of a hosted telephone system?

Your cloud-based IVR platform allows for easy relocation of both your workers and their systems, since each handset can be pre-programmed with a user profile and DDI so that they may continue to function as if they were in the main office. With Presence, IM, and Click-to-Call, users can immediately discover who is accessible and initiate a conversation with them.

Increasing the company’s customer base

Your company’s workforce and need for advanced computer systems will increase in tandem with its expansion. The process of adding extra lines and configuring new phones in today’s digital networks can take a few weeks.

Just a few days are all it takes to add a new phone and licence to your Hosted solution. When new employees join your company, you can easily create or reorganise call groups, and the hot-desking options will streamline the process of acclimating them to their new roles in other departments.

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